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Pranam Dental Hospital stands as a distinguished institution dedicated to providing comprehensive dental and oral care services, as well as catering to the aesthetic needs of individuals worldwide, We take great pride in introducing our esteemed organization.

•Led by the eminent Professor Dr. R. Chethan, BDS, MDS, specializing in Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology, Facial Cosmetologist and Aesthetic Physician. With over 15 years of robust clinical experience, as the Head of all departments at Pranam Dental & Medical Specialty Clinic and Pranam Dental Hospital, Dr. R Chethan have successfully treated more than 20,000+ patients, ensuring utmost satisfaction. He currently serve as a Professor at Dr. B R Ambedkar College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Patna. Driven by the evolving dynamics and advancements in my field, Dr. Chethan have pursued extensive professional development. This includes a Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine from Germany, a Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (USA), and training with the International Foundation for Implant Dentistry in Basal and Cortical Implantology. I am also certified by the SDA in Oral Implantology.

•The hospital’s commitment to upholding values such as excellence, compassion, empathy, integrity, affordability, passion, unity, respect and safety precautions sets it apart. These values guide the team in delivering personalized and ethical dental care to each patient, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience throughout their journey.

•Pranam Dental Hospital takes pride in its accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), a testament to its unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare services. This accreditation underscores the hospital’s dedication to providing services that align with the benchmarks set by premium dental institutions globally.

•Whether addressing oral diseases, dental concerns, or aesthetic needs, the hospital’s team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices to deliver effective and efficient solutions. The hospital’s comprehensive approach to dentistry covers a wide range of services, including preventive care, restorative procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and advanced implantology.

•In essence, Pranam Dental Hospital is not just a healthcare facility but a beacon of excellence in the dental field, offering world-class services while prioritizing patient well-being and satisfaction.

Pranam Dental and Medical Speciality Clinic and its Branches are associated with

  1. Karnataka legislature for Dental and Medical treatments for all the present and ex-Members and Dependent family members of Karnataka legislature our Hospital is enrolled under Private Hospitals in Bangalore SL. NO. 121 and mentioned in the Notification  Acts-I/903/MRA/LA/2013,
  2. Karnataka Government Insurance Department
  3. Medibuddy
  4. My Dental Plan
  5. Max Bupa Health Insurance
  6. ICICI Lombard Dental Insurance
  7. Reliance General Insurance Co.LTD
  8. Religare Insurance
  9. HDFC ERGO health Insurance Co. LTD
  10. Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. LTD

We are privileged to introduce our organization which has a legacy of more than 15 years. We have an advanced Dental and Medical set up with all the latest equipment incorporated in all the treatment procedures. We have a team of specialists who deal with all the intricate Procedures. Pranam dental clinics represent a new standards that emphasize quality, Convenience and transparency. For the last 15 years, Pranam dental has been working towards redefining the oral health care delivery system in India by introducing patients to technologically enabled painless dentistry parallel to the best. We have developed end to end dental solutions with our own clinical set ups, dental laboratory, quality control and management.

Our clinics across the city offer an entire range of dental care from restorative treatments like filling and root canal treatment to complex oral and maxillofacial surgery to latest cosmetic modules at an affordable price. The team of dentists at Pranam dental are highly qualified and regularly trained in best international institutions in dentistry.

Our set up has a fantastic ambience with centralise music system, air conditioning, television, books and magazines available to read, making the waiting period very comfortable. Automatic perfume dispenser spray with a pleasant fragrance which makes the environment very soothing and not creating phobia. We have a friendly and a well trained staff to make you feel welcome. Our clinic is equipped with lift to provide easy access for each and every patient.

We have been persistent in our tunnel vision and ardently strive hard to offer global standards of dentistry. To be the preferred dental care provider in every neighborhood by offering high quality healthcare, ethically. To establish ourselves as the industry leader, we adhere to the highest standards in clinic safety and hygiene, customer service and security with constant focus on ethics. We allocate resources to address the oral health care needs of underserved communities.

A four step sterilization is our clinics trademark process which differentiates our clinic from others. A rigorous 4 step sterilization process is followed after every patient to secure 100% sterilization of instruments and complete infection control. We also autoclave our drilling hand piece for enhanced safety of our patients.

STEP 1: Dipping in disinfectant solution for 30 minutes. Scrubbing and cleaning in running water and cleansing solution.

STEP 2: Cleansed in an ultrasonic cleaner chamber. Dried and packaged in sterilized pouches.

STEP 3: Sterilized in “ B class “ autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization following sterilization cycle.

STEP 4: Stored in UV light storage cabinets, in the sterilization room to maintain sterility of the instruments till they are used.

We are registered under KPME( Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Authority) .We have an approval of AERB ( Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) who give us the quality assurance of X ray machine. They do a quality and maintenance check every year.

We are ISO certified (9001: 2015)

Dr Chethan has been awarded the best dentist from

India’s most prominent dental awards

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”– this famous quote by Albert Einstein is the rule for the present era. With the emergence of the COVID-19, dentists face a herculean task of upgrading their dental office by means of Incorporating a wide range of measures to enhance the hygiene of the dental office, thereby creating a better clean environment. The common transmission routes of novel coronavirus include direct transmission like cough, sneeze, and droplet inhalation transmission and contact transmission contact with oral, nasal, and eye mucous membranes. In addition, studies have shown that respiratory viruses can be transmitted from person to person through direct or indirect contact, or through coarse or small droplets, and 2019-nCoV can also be transmitted directly or indirectly through saliva. Notably, a report of one case of 2019-nCoV infection in Germany indicates that transmission of the virus may also occur through contact with asymptomatic patients.

Patient awareness, education and co-operation play a major role in effective implementation of any control measures in a dental clinic. Hence in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of the front office and the reception staff assumes a very significant place and forms the first line of defense. This is also the stage where the patient screening is done. We schedule the patient appointments at different timings to avoid crowding. A minimum of 55 minutes duration is planned between appointments. Patients are advised to download the AROGYA SETU app to trace the contact with any positive patient. Patient with travel history are taken for treatment after a wait of quarantine period. We have all the clinic staff adequately immunized. The front office staff use a 3 ply mask, gloves, face shield and are advised to wear PPE throughout their working hours. They wear a separate footwear in the clinic premises. We keep the clinic completely sanitized with sprays and disinfectants. Every patient who walks in are checked for temperature, SPo2 and advised to wear mask and face shield. Patients are given a PPE to be worn in the clinic premises. PPE and respirators are worn by all the dental professionals in the operatory. Dental chairs are sanitized after every patient completes treatment and even before the start of the treatment.

Dr M Govindaraj MD

Child specialist (Paediatrician)

Dr Mohini N Prasad FRCOG,( Lond)

Obstetrician & gynaecologist

Dr Sanjay Sakaria

MBBS, MS (Ophthal)

Dr. Sunil Kumar.V  MBBS,MS

General Surgery

Dr.Tarun Javali MBBS, MS

General Surgery, MCH- Urology

Dr.K.N. Srikanth MBBS, MS, FRCS

General Surgery

Dr.Nishita Rao MBBS,MS

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr.Karthick .K Raichurkar MBBS,MS

MCH- Surgical Gastroenterology/ G.I Surgery

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